Iconic Album Design Artist
Roger Dean

Having sold over 100 million copies of his work, Roger is arguably one of the most influential album design artists in the history of music.

Best known for his work in the progressive rock genre for bands such as Yes, Asia, Uriah Heap & Rick Wakeman, Roger is renowned for his other-worldly and beautiful landscapes that helped shape a genre and capture the imagination of fans world-wide.
As well as album covers Roger has created logo’s for the gaming world including Tetris & Shadow of the Beast and business giants such as Virgin and Starbucks. He also is a notable architect; designing structures for hotels, cities and is even the front-runner to design the worlds first moon-base with NASA.

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Tokyo based artist & designer
Freya Dean

Freyja Dean studied BA Scientific and Natural History Illustration at Lancaster University before her MA in Art and Science at Central St Martins, London. She has also studied Forensic Facial Reconstruction at Cambridge University and History of Medicine through the Open University.
These studies have influenced her work in various artistic fields such as designing opera costumes, character design for computer games, album covers, artworks for medical museums and public art pieces.

Freyja most recently has been working for the Royal College of Surgeons creating synthetic body parts for surgical trainees to practice procedures on, as well as freelance design projects and exhibitions in the UK and Tokyo where she is currently living and working.

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UK Artist & Illustrator
Cliff Wright

Cliff Wright (Newhaven, October 24th, 1963) is an artist, book illustrator and advertising artist.

He has illustrated numerous books – specializing in illustrations of animals and children’s books, most notably the second and third book in the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Wind in the Willows.

He has also been an artist in advertising campaigns for numerous large organizations and corporations – including Greenpeace and IKEA. He has illustrated the Puppy series of board books by Gerald Durrell, commissioned by the Beanie Baby manufacturer Andrex. He has designed numerous posters and cards, and is noted for his illustrations of bears and badgers for children.

Wright is an active campaigner for animal rights with International Animal Rescue, and has participated in numerous book signings and auctions to raise money to help the dancing bears of India.

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Contemporary Marine Artist
Nick O’Neill

Nick is a British artist who specialises in contemporary marine art. Growing up among a family of divers, his passion for the sea grew during holidays to destinations by the Red Sea, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Nick’s first diving adventures took place at an early age, allowing him to experience first hand the vibrancy and amazing textures of the magnificent fish. Although he had been snorkeling for years already, learning to scuba dive at age 11 allowed Nick to experience the unique effects of light streaming through water and the changes in colours when in deep water.

Nicks Marine work is sold through the Dark Water Gallery in Brighton.

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